Top Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon is bound to be one of the most special experiences ever. As the most important and enjoyable, love­filled holiday event in your newly­wed life it takes time and particular care to find the perfect place to spend with your loved one in unforgettable bliss.

It’s a big world, so here are some suggestions for the top preferred locations for newly­weds:

The Italian Island of Sicily­ – one of the most visited spots in the world­ – is filled with romantic settings and scenic wonders; dancing by the moonlight and enjoying the Mediterranean breeze on a private beach resort or by the pool of a restored Sicilian villa around Taormina or Agrigento (easily reached from the Palermo or Catania airports where many car hire services in Sicily are available through affordable online deals) is one of the most exotic and romantic experiences of the Mediterranean.

Rome of course is still the eternal city of love, with the luxurious fashion shops of Via del Corso and Via Condotti, walks along the Tiber, Ponte Sisto and Campo de Fiori, romantic dinners in the many restaurants and cafes in the alleyways around Trastevere and the historical center, it remains every bride’s dream of a lifetime. Venezia is another favorite, although it too is undergoing many structural changes as new modern shops and buildings are beginning to take their toll on the scenery. But it has all and more to offer with its moonlit promenades, gondola excursions around the canals, and spectacular yearly carnival renowned throughout the globe.

Paris will always take your breath away; the majestic Tour Eiffel and decorative light display makes for one of the most romantic spots ever, with accommodations at the glamorous Shangri­La Hotel you will have every opportunity to admire it and Parisian life as you view the panorama from your private terrace or enjoy a cocktail and dinner at the many cafes in the area.

For lovers of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, the Maldives are still considered one of the best honeymoon destinations. Niyama provides the best accommodations and entertainment at its Subsix nightclub with its underwater aquariums and dance floors, Spas, beach cinema, restaurants and rooftop Bar Fahrenheit where you can sip exotic cocktails and admire the sunset in perfect harmony.

With our wedding plans finally starting to come together, Sy and I are thinking somewhere in Greece for the honeymoon; good food, romantic vistas and so much culture. Just need to get the actual wedding day sorted!!



5 Best Places to visit this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day around the corner, many of you may be gearing up with special plans. This year Valentine’s day falls on Sunday which makes it an ideal time to take a weekend break and celebrate love.

It is not that we don’t love each other on the remaining 364 days, but our busy lives do not give us the time we really need to express our feelings. Valentine’s day is the reason to take a break and spend some awesome time with the love of our life. So why not escape to some exotic destinations and make this a memorable day of our life?

So here in this post, I have shared some of the most sorted out destinations in the UK that you must visit this Valentine’s day. In case you are on a budget go for voucher codes and get the best deals for flight and hotels.

1. Lake District
If you are looking for a romantic getaway in Britain, then The Lake District is the best place with amazing scenic locations. It is located on the countryside and is perfect for the lovebirds. Here you can involve yourself in some activities like rowing a boat and then watching the locations from the water. You can then visit the local restaurant and enjoy a romantic meal together. There are spa centres too, so if you want you can plan out some relaxing time there with your partner.

2. Oxford
Oxford is one of the romantic destinations of UK and is called as “The City of Dreaming Spires”. The place is perfect as it is a place of ancient architecture which is filled with young energetic students. So if you are at Oxford, don’t miss the opportunity to walk along the banks of river Thames with a hand in hand. You can walk towards the Port Meadow and watch the sunset with your partner. What a romantic way to end the day!

3. London
Make your love pack her bags and take her directly to London, it is the best place for couples to plan a getaway. If you are not sure about any good place, London can always be your best option. There are a number of parks and gardens and you can spend a good amount of time there. If you want to go away from the hustle and bustle of the city take a ride to Little Venice. It is one of the best spots to take a break.

4. Edinburgh
The city which is the capital of Scotland is an amazing location for couples to visit. You can visit the Scott Monument or many other attractions in the city. The city is truly irresistible. You can even visit the castle and take a good view of the city.

5. Brighton
Brighton is voted as one of the best romantic places in the UK. If you are planning to visit the UK, make sure to include this place in your list. It can be the perfect location to enjoy the sunset together. Here you can spend your weekend break with activities that are not at all expensive.

If you plan ahead you can save a lot of money on your flight and accommodation expenses. Go for the discount code for Last Minute and find amazing deals.

So surprise your beloved this Valentine’s day by taking her to these places and make the day memorable one!

Sy & I opted for a day on the beach – 2 minutes travel time and zero costs involved!


November in Australia

So apparently it’s November, though as we’ve been living an endless summer since June my seasonal clock is well and truly out of sync. If we were back in England right now we’d be celebrating Bonfire Night, shopping for winter coats and debating whether it’s time to turn the central heating on full yet. Here in Australia, everyone’s buying bikinis and stocking up on sun lotion. Very confusing.

The temperatures here are rising every day, resulting in some crazy storms that I love to watch from our apartment – the real dramatic kind, where thunder echoes around the high rises and lightning strikes in huge forks out at sea. The days are getting longer and hotter, and while I’m loving the sunny days everyone here keeps warning me about how intense the heat is going to be once Summer’s in full swing. Only time will tell how I’ll cope with that!

Here’s what I’d be shopping for if we were back in the UK right now…

November in England



But here in our second Summer, I’m more likely to be lusting after something like this…

November in Australia



The leather jacket and the sunnies are both from BLK DNM – if we were in the UK I’d be heading there for some cosy layering. Their leather jackets are to die for, I’m pretty sad that it’ll be a good while until I can wear one again. I’m trying to fight my ingrained English urge to stock up on knitwear and chunky boots (not that I’d find any in the shops here anyway)… time to join the Aussies and go bikini shopping!

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